Chat Master: Texting games

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Looking for a stress-free, fun-filled pick-me-up guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and completely unwind? Get ready to smile and chuckle nonstop with Chat Master: Prank Text, the top rated hilarious multiplayer casual game made for carefree enjoyment, amusement and laughter in short sessions.

This easygoing app is designed to help you kill time, relieve boredom and brighten your day with amusing, unpredictable dialogues and giggle-inducing jokes for hours of carefree fun. Open the app to smirk, snort and laugh hysterically while reading quirky conversations and solving casual chat adventures packed with clever prank ideas and unpredictable twists leading to endless belly laughs. The lighthearted pranks and unpredictable humor will keep you grinning from ear to ear.

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