Squid Game Survival

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Red Light Squid Survival Game
Welcome to the real 3D Squid Game: Squid Survival Game. This squid game is different and interesting from other squid games that have been published on google play. This squid game series is a combination of 456 players and many squid survival missions. In this adventure squid game with survival challenge, 456 players have to complete squid missions and get many prizes in the form of ink game cash and unique red and blue lights light prizes.

In this squid fishing challenging game, you have to face many obstacles, so you need to be very careful to complete the squid fishing missions. Your first mission is to complete the squid bridge and avoid all the obstacles that come in your way. You don't need to panic, just focus on the squid fishing challenge and win the first round of the squid fishing game.
Second squid mission.

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