Island War

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Welcome to Island War:
The continent at the center of the world has been shattered by mysterious power; it became countless islands scattered across the ocean.
In this world, you can become a pirate and conquer by sending your fleet to plunder weaker prey.
You can also fortify your own island and protect it from criminals.
You can gather clan members from all over the world to become the ultimate ruler of the sea.
However, remember! A hunter can become a prey in a split second.
The strongest fortress can be reduced to rubble with just the right tactics.

Game features:
-Play with millions of other players, raid and plunder other islands and remember: the biggest loot is always waiting for you on your next expedition;
-Match others and capture valuable resources, upgrade your island and build your island into an impregnable fortress;
-Explore unknown places and discover wizards, archers, sea monsters, ancient dragons in these waters and other armies to bring them at your command to serve you;
-Cooperate with other captains to become a new force on the sea and carry out cooperative missions.

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